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Since 2003, I have been taking photos of business people, families, business events, family events, on business locations, in industrial settings, at concerts, and in sporting events.

I have photographed individuals and posed groups of over fifty people. People have used my photos to promote their businesses, services, and products.

Now I'd like to have a chance to provide my services for you.

If you live in the Greater Sudbury, Ontario area, you can call me at (705) 671-1114. Outside of Sudbury, please call 1-844-477-1792.

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About Tracey

Tracey Sanders is a professional photographer living in Northern Ontario. She has embraced the world of digital fine art photography to express her creative vision. Tracey combines nearly two decades of conventional artistic training and practice with the digital photography medium. Her goal is to explore all the potential digital photography  presents.

Tracey Sanders Photographer

When not working, Tracey’s passion is exploring northern communities and wilderness in remote areas, searching for images to capture and share. She photographs man-made objects usually found abandoned, often the only evidence that a home or community once existed.

With her photographic and digital creative skills, she brings out powerful and personal emotions which blend the past and present in unique photographic works of art.

Tracey has spent many hours photographing a variety of live events for business and not-for-profit organizations. As well, she has provided personal and business portraits for many clients for both electronic and print formats.

Her photos have been featured in Ontario based and national publications, and she was a featured contributor in two annual Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Voice of Business Publications.

As well, her photographs have been presented in the Sudbury Star, Northern Life and Northern Ontario Business.

Currently, Tracey’s artistic works hang in several homes and private collections throughout Ontario.

My Mission

Over the years I’ve worn many hats... Since 2003, I have co-owned and co-managed a marketing business with my husband.

I have always enjoyed photographing things but never thought I could make it my full-time business. Nothing I have ever done matched the pure joy I feel taking pictures.

I continue to be inspired by documenting life; love, connection, beauty, emotion, and happiness. Even commercial and product photography makes me happy. I feel so fortunate every day to be able to do what I love....making art out of real life.

One of the most inspiring things for me as a businesswoman and creative person is to constantly find new and interesting ways to express myself through my work, and photography does that for me.

From Tracey:

I became a professional photographer because I love to capture the beauty in everyone and everything.

A photographer does not look at the world the same way everyone else does. We tend to see the true essence of who and what we see through our lens, and bring it into focus for others to enjoy.

Capturing the uniqueness and beauty of a moment is what is important. A photographer memorializes those images forever. 

I promise to photograph you with meaning, emotion and purpose. I believe in treating people the way that I want to be treated. I also promise to give you the best quality photos of your most cherished moments.

Click here to download a print version of Tracey's biography.

Lara Newell-Barrette - Photo from shoot for website

"One of sooo many photos taken yesterday. Untouched. You have some mad skills Tracey Sanders!"

"Tracey Sanders has a great way of capturing a person's energy and personality. My Facebook fans always have great things to say when I post photos she's taken of me and the bands I've worked with.

Thank you Tracey for helping me build an image I am very happy with." - Mitch Ross Musician - Songwriter - Producer

Mitch Ross Swingster