Frederic Demers

Frederic is a talented freelance French translator who was looking for a "fresh look" to add to his website, and for other print and online marketing initiatives..

Frederic was the perfect "model." With the photo shoot being at his location he was more comfortable being in front of my camera thus I was able to capture his true self. Playful, Confident and Reliable.


Lara Newell-Barrette - Photo from shoot for website

"One of sooo many photos taken yesterday. Untouched. You have some mad skills Tracey Sanders!"

"Tracey Sanders has a great way of capturing a person's energy and personality. My Facebook fans always have great things to say when I post photos she's taken of me and the bands I've worked with.

Thank you Tracey for helping me build an image I am very happy with." - Mitch Ross Musician - Songwriter - Producer

Mitch Ross Swingster